Chief Dyer retiring next year, 12 Fresno Police personnel promoted

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno City Council Chambers were packed with police officers, along with friends and family members of the 12 men receiving promotions on Friday. Police Chief Jerry Dyer says it's a sign the department is progressing.

"The ceremony in and of itself means that this department is moving forward."

Dyer says the eight sergeants he promoted will serve as the mentors and coaches to officers in the field. The three lieutenants will be field commanders in the late night and early morning hours, making decisions in his place.

The biggest promotion goes to Mike Reid. A 25 year veteran of the force, he was named a Deputy Police Chief.

"To be able to bring him in as one of our four deputy chiefs is really important to the future of this organization," Dyer said.

Fresno Police respond to more than 1,000 emergency calls every day. That leaves little time for the other 2,000 less serious calls. The public is often frustrated by not seeing an officer when they report a theft or burglary. Reid says his goal will be to improve the department's response to those.

"The one thing we have to focus on is customer service, and really looking at lower priority calls for service and how we can better handle those that are going to be my mission, initially."

Dyer says having Reid join the other deputy chiefs will give the city a good bench to choose from when he retires.

"It's no secret. I've got about a year left in my job as police chief, my role is not to necessarily handpick the next police chief but to develop a team of individuals to where the city manager and the mayor, no matter who they choose is going to be competent and talented enough to lead this organization. "
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