Homes across the Valley already lit up with holiday decorations

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- All around the Valley, many homes were already lit up for the holidays - long before Thanksgiving.

Travis Steffe of ABC Windows and Lighting has noticed people want their lights up earlier this year to brighten their mood.

Steffe said, "Yeah, I've definitely heard that quite a few times. They need a little cheer right now."

Steffe was surprised to get his first call to put up Christmas lights in June. Things picked up in October and he didn't have any openings until after the first week of December.

The crew can also set up a system with lights set to synchronized to music

Travis explained, "White is always our most popular light. This one we're doing a candy cane look. It's got two whites and a red. Something a little different."

Steffe can be reached at (559) 658-0571.

Jude's Decor at Bullard and West in northeast Fresno has been busy with shoppers who are in the holiday spirit a little earlier than usual.

Store owner Judy Lanfranco believed they're wanting to decorate early because it offers a mental break from the pandemic.

Lanfranco said, "Yeah, I do. People are so tired of the lockdown and not being able to do anything. My store makes a lot of people happy."

With so many people already in the holiday mood, Lanfranco worried she might not have enough Santas and other decorations to last past Thanksgiving.

Lanfranco said, "Christmas traditionally is a happy time of year and I think they're coming in wanting more because it's been a bad year all the way around, so they're looking for happiness."

For some, the search starts with bringing a little Christmas spirit into their lives.
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