Thief steals Christmas decorations, vandalizes home of firefighter and nurse

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A California firefighter and Iraq War veteran and his wife, who is a nurse, had their Christmas decorations stolen over the weekend.

The two, who have been working hard on the front-lines of hospitals and fires across the state, had their Christmas decorations highlighted as one of the holiday houses to see in Santa Rosa.

Their home and yard were decorated until Sunday night, when someone walked onto their property and deflated their decorations, vandalized displays and stole lights off their home.

"Well our youngest is five. He's having more trouble. When we come home he has to open the drapes to the driveway so he can watch out the front yard," said Cristie Dolcini.

"I would like to ask why and if they really needed it, just ask me," Alden Dolcini said.

The couple did not have cameras in their yard, but their neighbors do, so officers are hopeful they will find the people responsible.
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