Experts share the top toys and gift ideas for the holidays

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- So many choices, so little time to shop.

If you step into Professor Toy in north Fresno, Lisa Trueblood can tell you which favorites will go quickly.

"Some of the bigger sellers this year, I think, will be the UGears, which are really popular," she said.

UGears are moving, wooden models.

"You put them together," Trueblood said.

Gamers are glad to see Best Buy offers the latest Call of Duty and Spiderman games.

"Game consoles are going to be our most popular thing," says Best Buy Consultant and Design Manager J.D. Brown. "Unfortunately, things like the Playstation and Xbox are little bit more challenging to source right now, but the Nintendo Switch is still a super hot item."

Brown says accessories that used to be hard to find, like headsets and extra controllers, will make for nice gifts.

"We do expect them to be pretty hot items as this transitions to a new console generation," he said.

Trueblood says selections like Glow Battle are in.

"You got a light-up sword game for groups," she said.

It's not like one toy has a Monopoly over Christmas, but finding that perfect gift takes a bit of a risk. Fortunately, kids are quick to offer a clue, maybe even a wish list, so you don't get into trouble when they open their present. Somehow, someway, you'll sort It out.

Pop Its are really popular.

It's basically colorful bubble wrap that doesn't break.

You can't go wrong with a timeless selection like Lego.

"Our Lego section is constantly being re-stocked," Brown said. "We've got collectors coming in. We've got kids coming in."

Some retailers are finding it difficult to keep shelves stocked because of pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and port delays.

Good Morning America found several hot toys like the Cocomelon interactive JJ doll and the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron were difficult to find even online.

Trueblood is confident her toy shipments won't be disrupted.

"I've had customers who have already finished their Christmas shopping," she said. "I'm very envious but they are very aware we could have issues."

Brown says shoppers looking for a Playstation 5 need to stay diligent.

"When our members are being notified, they're almost immediately finding a store that they can line up at," he said.

Electric Jellyfish inside a lamp are fun to watch.

"The jellyfish move around in the liquid," Jellyfish said.

If you've ever made a fort out of chairs and sheets, those days are over.

We're confident kids will be drawn to your gift like the magnets in Magna Tiles.
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