Church of Christ in Clovis tagged with graffiti

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Outside of the church of Christ in Clovis, early Monday morning neighbor Karen Miller looked out the window and immediately noticed the disturbing find.

"Woke up that morning, heard my husband say, Oh my God, the church. Went over there and it was graffiti'd all on the entrance," said Miller.

Three walls were tagged. A Clovis Police officer patrolling the property early Monday morning saw it firsthand.

"When she went to the church she noticed a large amount of graffiti on the church. Most of it sacrilegious, anti-religious graffiti," said Clovis Police Sgt. Jim Monroe.

Church elders were understandably hurt by the incident but did not want to talk on camera. The walls were painted over to try to cover up most of the obscene language and images.

"I was pretty sick because to think that some creepy person was over there in the night," said Miller.

"In Clovis, this is extremely rare. This is unique in that we haven't had any others in the past few months," said Sgt. Monroe.

The graffiti was enough to shake up those who live in the quiet neighborhood. The church has never had to report anyone gathering in the parking lot after hours.

"I just think it's somebody random. Some boy who was bored or something after the Super Bowl. I don't worry about it happening again," said Miller.

Sgt. Monroe hopes other neighbors might be able to offer helpful tips to find the people responsible.
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