Clovis Community College launches new plant science course, students dive into 3D animation

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Tuesday, January 23, 2024
Clovis Community launches new courses for Spring semester
From a new course that's all about plants to 3D animation, the diverse offerings can provide both career and life skills.

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Students at Clovis Community College are getting a closer look at greenery.

A brand new course is offering a deep dive into plant science.

"They're going to learn all about plant anatomy, plant physiology, plant ecology -- so the role of plants and their environments," Biology Instructor Grace Freymiller said.

Freymiller says the course is designed to help students interested in a career that has anything to do with plants, from agriculture to working at a nursery.

She says it can also be helpful for those who don't plan to pursue this as a career.

"Even students who just are interested in plants kind of as a hobby can learn a lot from a class like this because they go through propagation techniques for example," Freymiller said.

There's a lab and lecture component, which are offered separately.

Students in the lab will get the chance to go more hands-on.

"They'll do activities like they'll take plants home and see if they can keep it alive throughout the semester," Freymiller said.

Across campus, students are tapping into their creative side.

In the 3D Animation class, students are developing characters on the computer and bringing them to life.

"We rig them so that they can be moved and posed, and they create animations and they also 3D print them," Professor of Digital Media Janice Ledgerwood said.

Ledgerwood says students learn off of a base model and then can create whatever they'd like.

"Once they learn the basics of it, they can pretty much go anywhere with it," Ledgerwood said.

Students can take the skills they learn and use them in a variety of career fields like entertainment, law enforcement or medical.

Ledgerwood says someone's lack of artistic ability shouldn't hold them back from joining the class.

"You never know until you try. You might find a new passion for something and you may find that you are creative, " Ledgerwood said.

Both classes help students work toward either a certificate or an associate's for transfer degree.

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