Hot air balloons take to skies as Clovis Fest kicks off

The 46th annual Clovis Fest is happening this weekend.
CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Action News was in the neighborhood as Clovis skies were taken over by bright and high-flying hot air balloons on Saturday.

The 46th annual Clovis Fest is happening this weekend.

This family-friendly event brings the community together for a beautiful experience like the Hot Air Balloon Fun Fly.

Guests came out before sunrise and through the morning to experience the awe-inspiring "night-fire" Balloon Glow.

Tethered rides were available only on the Noble Credit union Hair Air Balloon.

"If you haven't been around a balloon, come check it out, it's so much fun. We just have a blast up there and the tethered rides is an inexpensive way to get a feel for ballooning," said hot air balloon meister Bob Locklin.

Tethered rides will be provided onsite for the Noble Credit Union Hot Air Balloon.

It's on a first come, first-served basis for 10 bucks cash.

Arrive early.

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