Clovis Unified teachers pushing to unionize files charges claiming 'unfair practices' by district

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A group of Clovis Unified educators that has been pushing to unionize has now filed charges with the California Public Employment Relations Board, claiming "unfair practices" by the district.

The Association of Clovis Educators (ACE) says Clovis Unified "uses district resources and undermines educators' voices (violating) state labor law" through the district's support of the Faculty Senate.

The Faculty Senate is an organization of board members and senators from each Clovis school site and program that represent faculty interests, according to Clovis Unified's website.

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Currently, employees do not have collective bargaining rights, ACE leaders said.

ACE alleges that Clovis Unified administration illegally provides support to and oversees elections and bylaws within the Faculty Senate, and in doing so, controls what issues are addressed.

In a press release from ACE, group leaders said the charges were filed to "safeguard students and educators" and allow educators to have an independent voice in decisions that affect Clovis schools.

ACE is made up of teachers, counselors and other school professionals, but it's not an official union.

Among the group's concerns are growing class sizes, caseloads, rising healthcare premiums and unreasonable teacher transfers.

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In April, some Clovis educators spoke out against the idea of unionizing, forming another group called the Clovis Teachers For Clovis.

Action News has reached out to Clovis Unified for comments on the charges filed to the California Public Employment Relations Board and is waiting for a response.

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