Educators demand change at Clovis Unified board meeting

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Several Clovis Unified educators in support of unionizing were seeking change and spoke out during public comment at the district's board meeting on Wednesday.

"We are not simply asking for change. We are demanding it. We hope to improve the longstanding issues surrounding cultural and racial discrimination that exist in the district," said elementary school teacher Adrian Cardenas.

Cardenas spoke of inequalities he said have become more apparent within the district during the pandemic, accusing the board of being OK with leaving some students behind.

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Board President Steven Fogg clarified his statements from a previous meeting, saying the board shouldn't be holding back progress and let some be examples for others.

Meanwhile, the trustees are hearing recommendations for a one-time bonus for all employees to reward their hard work during the pandemic.

The money is set to come from the general fund and wouldn't impact student programs.

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