A permanent tribute for local veterans is about to be unveiled in Madera County

A community in the Madera County foothills is coming together to honor local veterans with a new monument.

A piece of land off of Highway 41 and Road 415 in Coarsegold will soon be the home to a permanent monument honoring veterans. All five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces will be honored.

Caring Veterans of America's, Bob Bender said,"It is to show them that we haven't forgotten them. It is a good dedication to them and for the local people to see their families represented here."

He has been overseeing, planning, and construction for the last 18 months but the actual planning stages began nearly five years ago.

Donations from the community are covering the cost of the $35,000 project.

A member of the Coarsegold Chamber of Commerce donated the land.

Bender says this small Madera County Community is the backyard to many veterans in the foothills and the Sierra.

"And since we have over three thousand veterans based out of this area. We felt that this might be a good central location for the area together for when people drive to Yosemite National Park."
Bender, who is a veteran himself worked with other veterans Monday morning to begin final preparation for Saturday's big unveiling.

Bender is confident work will complete in time for Veterans Day, he is just nervous about thanking everyone who made this possible.

"And to see this bigger than they thought to me is very exciting to show, thank you. I've never seen a community come together so fast and so strong."

Everyone is invited here to the Coarsegold Historic Village off of Road 415 and Highway 41. The ceremony takes place Saturday morning at 10 a.m.
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