Atwater restaurant offers free food, haircuts, clothing to homeless every Thanksgiving

A North Valley restaurant owner served more than warm Thanksgiving meals on Thursday.

For the last 10 years, Ferman Perez has opened his business on this day to the homeless, to veterans, needy families, and anyone else looking for a smile and a little encouragement.

Outside 'Taste of Tequila' in Atwater, people also received free haircuts and clothing.

"Today we are serving our community. We're taking care of the homeless veterans to thank them for their service and any students that have not been able to make it home. I work with the UC so any students that haven't been able to make it home to their families for meals. Ferman also has free haircuts," said a volunteer, Stephanie Zuniga.

Another volunteer, Tiffany Martinez, added, "It's better to give, you know? Especially in a time like this. It makes me feel really happy that I can boost someone's confidence with something just as simple as a haircut and a conversation. It really goes a long way."

Ferman Perez said his faith has led him to carry on the tradition.

"It's a feeling and a warmth in your heart that you can't ever forget," he said.
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