Sea life and cooler temperatures drawing people to the coast this holiday weekend

DANA POINT, Calif. (KFSN) -- Cruise just a short distance off the shore at Dana Point and you are likely to attract a lot of dolphins.

"They love the boat-- they will come racing over, they will get in the front of the boat, and they will look at you. They love to play in your wake, it's a big fun playground for them," said Jory Mauntell, whale watching touring captain.

Mauntell, our captain, said these marine mammals are plentiful and like to get close. But this time of year it is best to keep some distance from the big attractions-- migrating whales.

"Right now we are looking at a grey whale, cow calf pair coming up north. They love to come this close to shore, play in the kelp bed and stay away from predators that are further out to sea," said Mauntell.

The whales headed south from Alaska during the winter, giving birth off the coast of Baja in the spring. They are now making their way back north.

"Actually, I think this is the best time. We say the whales are on vacation, they are heading back up to Monterrey and they stop here in our coves of Laguna Beach and they are kind of on vacation. They are not in a mad rush because they've already had their babies they are traveling home," said Donna Kalez, Dano Point Visitors Bureau.

The gray whale migration north has peaked, but the blue whale and humpback migrations are getting underway and are best viewed along the central coast near Monterey.

Dolphins are usually plentiful all along the coast year round.
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