Drug addict gets life in prison for Fresno attack on volunteer counselor

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno drug addict who almost killed his therapist in December 2015 is headed to prison for life.

Tina Hedstrom had a successful private practice, some fun hobbies, and a late-life success story. She also volunteered her time at Comprehensive Addiction Programs, where a patient attacked her and took away just about everything, but she still has the strength that helped her survive.

Hedstrom's hands shook as she described her life before and after the day Raymond White stabbed her at least 26 times.

Four surgeries later, she's given up her horse and her motorcycle, and she lives with PTSD.

"I have this devil over my shoulder stabbing me 24 hours a day," Hedstrom said. "I call it a 'daymare' and I have of course nightmares as well."

White didn't have much to say in the lead-up to a judge punishing him for the crime.

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He wrote the judge three letters and admitted to a preoccupation with Hedstrom.

"There is only one reason why we're not here for sentencing on a first degree premeditated murder and that is because Ms. Hedstrom was strong enough to survive the event," said Judge Jon Skiles.

White will serve 41 years to life.

He already had two strikes and Hedstrom says he showed everybody he belongs in prison.

She was just trying to give him a piece of candy when he launched his attack.

"Raymond White at the age of 29 tried to slaughter me, a woman the age of 55, almost twice his age," Hedstrom said. "I don't think you get any points for that. Shame on you, Raymond."

White also faced charges for nine separate attacks inside the Fresno County jail, but prosecutors dropped those cases after getting the attempted murder conviction.
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