Clovis East students showcase their skills learned in medical training program

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clovis East students were able to showcase what they've learned as part of a hands-on medical training program.

Students demonstrated their skills in taking blood pressure, measuring pulse and respiration, and even how to deliver a baby.

Doctor Kelly Eichmann says it's crucial for these students to have this hands-on experience to get a preview of a potential career.

"It's different when you read it in a textbook, or watch it in a video, or talk about it in a classroom," said Eichmann. "It's another thing to go and see and smell and touch and see do you really want to choose this medical career as your pathway."

This is Eichmann's fifth time running the course, and she has helped design it into what it is today.

Her goal is to expose, inform, and inspire these students into a career in the medical industry.
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