Most new Fresno County voters say no party preference

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Election day is November 6th, but voting is already underway. Mail-in ballots are coming in and voters are also casting ballots in the elections office Downtown Fresno. The last day to register to vote is next Monday, but, Fresno County Elections Clerk and Registrar Brandi Orth says you can actually register and vote right up to election day.

"There is a new law and that says starting the Tuesday after that deadline October 23rd every day up to and including election day you may come here to our office at 2221 Kern St. and register to vote and vote."

According to Orth, voter registrations are up by 2%. There are 448,638 registered voters in the county. Democrats have 170,878 registered voters, about 500 more than they had during the May primary. Republicans have 151,243 nearly 300 less than May. Nearly all of the 8,000 new registered voters selected No Party Preference, raising their number to 103,794.

Despite Democrats edge, Party Chairman Michael Evans says getting voters to the polls remains the key.

"We have a registration advantage we don't yet have a turnout advantage, and that's what we need to change in this cycle."

Evans says the party is working hard to encourage voters, and while Republicans are not currently seeing an advantage, party chair Fred Vanderhoof feels they will.

"We are feeling good we are feeling very excited although we are not being complacent we have to continue working hard, very hard. "

Nearly 60% of the votes are expected to come in by mail. Orth has heard complaints mail-in ballots are late, but she says they have been sent out on time and should be arriving soon.

Our last grouping of vote by mail ballots for permanent voters has gone out yesterday and so those should be received in a couple of days.

Orth suggests voters give the ballots a couple of more days to arrive but says voters who don't get a ballot can come down to the county elections office and pick one up, and even vote.
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