Children and wife of Robin Williams to face off in court

SAN FRANCISCO -- The battle over the estate of the late comedian Robin Williams heads to court. Williams' wife and his adult children are fighting over who owns some of the comic legend's personal items.

Attorneys representing Robin Williams' wife and his children will meet before a probate judge in San Francisco Superior Court this morning.

The two sides are battling over the late actor's estate; this includes money, jewelry, awards he won during his career and personal belongings like clothing and toys. In papers filed in January -- Susan Schneider Williams accused her step-kids Zelda, Zak, and Cody of taking items from her Tiburon house without permission. Williams' kids however argue she's trying to change the terms of the trust agreement.
They say these are items their father would want them to have and taking this issue to court adds insult to injury.

Williams left his children a home in Napa. The Academy Award winning actor died in August. The coroner ruled his death a suicide.

The hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m.
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