Creativity coming to life in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Creativity coming to life in Fresno

Real life, its twist and turns, are coming to life in a short film called "Sisters, Mothers, Daughters" it's one of the featured films at the Germ, a film festival in Fresno. This year, filmmakers were tasked with portraying love stories.

Participant Haley White said, "I was thinking do I do self-love, or family love or something like that and this situation happened with my mom where she was diagnosed with cancer in August and it just seemed the perfect fit."

White wrote, directed, acted, produced, and edited the short film. This is her third short film, but she says this piece was especially meaningful.

"This was a cathartic thing to do and I think it will be good of my mom and the sister and the actor playing a version of my mother also has cancer, so I think it was cathartic for her as well," said White.

The germ film festival was started in part by Byron Watkins of Windsong Productions to inspire the art of filmmaking. Now in its third year, the event continues to grow.

Bryon Watkins said, "We've had over 100 films submitted and they've all essentially been local film makers, a lot of, first time filmmakers, so it's really cool, people picking up a camera and trying to tell a story for the first time and then people who are seasoned filmmakers making stuff."

Close to a dozen short films will be played in front of friends, family and film enthusiasts. For White, she's excited and nervous to see her art and acting come together.

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