Sanger husband offering to trade kidney, hoping to save wife

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For better for worse. In sickness and in health. Verlon and Marie Robinson of Sanger have stood by their wedding vows for 25 years.

It's why Verlon is offering up all he has, including his kidney, so his wife has a chance at survival. His show of love has touched all four corners of the world.

"I am desperate, yes, very desperate. This is my life right here. If something happened to her, I'm lost." Verlon said as he gestured over to his wife.

Three years ago, doctors diagnosed Marie with cirrhosis of the liver. Her condition has gradually worsened to the point she sometimes loses her memory, but her priority on the transplant list remains low. Verlon couldn't bear to wait

"I've watched him work himself to death trying to make it okay, and you can't make it okay because it doesn't go away," said Marie while choking back tears.

Filled with despair, Verlon turned to Facebook last week. He poured out his heart, even offering up his kidney. He expected at most only a few shares from friends.

"Ever since then, my phone's just been running and running and running. It's hard to keep a battery up on it," said Verlon.

The Robinsons have heard from people in India to Africa. Some offering livers, others airline tickets and money for other expenses. Verlon is full of gratitude and hopes someone in the massive sea of Facebook comments will be matched. He also has a greater desire.

"If as many people who have hit this phone on the last two days, if they all came forward, they'd be able to heal everybody in the United States," he said.

For the Robinsons, love isn't an emotion. It's a commitment made decades ago that they don't intend on letting go.

If you like to help, Marie is in need of a liver from someone who has Type O blood.


You can visit the website, learn about the process, and fill out a questionnaire to determine if you could be a liver donor. You can find Marie Robinson on the website by entering her date of birth, 01-12-57.
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