Super Bowl 2020: Fiona the hippo already regretting her Super Bowl pick?

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Friday, January 31, 2020
Fiona the hippo regretting her Super Bowl pick?
Fiona the three-year-old hippo from Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens had an unexpected reaction when tasked with picking between the two teams, San Francisco 49ers or Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 54.

CINCINNATI -- Fiona the hippopotamus may be a San Francisco 49ers fan at heart after she vomits on Kansas City Chiefs while attempting to make her Super Bowl pick.

New video from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden shows the beloved hippo getting in on the Super Bowl action.

The three-year-old had an unexpected reaction when tasked with picking between the two teams in Super Bowl 54.

Fiona was given two enrichment toys. One had the Kansas City Chiefs logo, the other the 49ers logo.

The video shows Fiona touching the Chiefs logo with her snout and almost instantly vomiting her lettuce lunch.

"It looks like Fiona isn't a Chiefs fan," posted the zoo on its Facebook page.

The prediction is leading to a debate on social media: did Fiona choose the Chiefs, or was her reaction in favor of the 49ers?

"Go 49ers! Even Fiona knows a good team when she sees one," posted one person on Facebook.

"That was her way of choosing KC!," wrote another person.

What do you think?

Fiona the hippo was born prematurely in 2017, but now she has grown into a happy and playful internet sensation.