Tower District icon celebrates 50 years of business

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A well-known Chinese restaurant is celebrating 50 years in Fresno's Tower District. The sizzle of the pan is a constant sound and the smell of Chinese food has surrounded the Golden Restaurant in Tower District for 50 years and counting.

"I like it," restaurant owner Ben Jew exclaimed. "We love this job."

After coming from China to America, Jew worked his way up at the restaurant and eventually took over the business from his great aunt. As the restaurant and its employees have grown in age, so have their customers.

"Some fifth-generation come in here," he said. "From great grandparent to now, they still here. We feel great. We happy for the people to return like that."

Officials say there's only a handful of restaurants that have thrived in one location and under the same family ownership. It all makes the restaurant a Tower District gem.

"It is an outstanding achievement, especially in these modern times where people come and go," Tower District marketing committee director Felix Muzquiz said. "Especially in the tower, we really support our local restaurants."

Ben and his wife Helen run the restaurant along with help from family members. Their son Douglas says he pretty much grew up in the business.

"When you have parents that own a restaurant, especially my parents," he said. "I started on shrimp peeling duty, napkin folding duty, wiping tables and then slowly worked my way to the cashier."

As for what makes them successful, Jew says it's all about the food and the people.

"The good customer, return customer, good neighborhood, the Tower District," he said.

It's a passion that has kept the business running for half a century.
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