Confused about business licenses? The Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation is here to guide you

Many Hispanic families face language or technology barriers that make them feel stuck.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Phone calls with questions about getting a business license have been nonstop at the Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation.

Business Development Officer, Sandra Vidrio, says they usually only experience a peak once a year, but currently, that's not the case.

"Those phone calls didn't just happen in January; as the months progressed, it continued," says Vidrio.

She says many Hispanic families face language or technology barriers that make them feel stuck.

"They just have a dream, but it's like no one wants to give information."

That's what happened to the Cazares family.

"You have to knock on a lot of doors, and many didn't open for us," says Ana Cazares.

They've been searching for help to kickstart their dream food truck business since the beginning of 2021 and are finally feeling supported.

Vidrio says the foundation is also seeing a surge of business owners who opened without some of the paperwork they now need to receive pandemic financial support.

"A lot of the relief grants that became available, you must have a business license, and a lot of these business owners are realizing 'I have been operating my business but it's not registered'," says Vidrio.

While many businesses have struggled over the past year, the Cazares family believes this is the perfect time to get up and running.

"There are a lot of people eating outdoors because of the pandemic, and we've always wanted a Mexican food truck," says Ana.

So they are jumping in, and after this meeting, they will be one step closer to their dream.

"It's important to get that permit and license so you can safely operate your business," says Vidrio.

Vidrio says regardless of the number of calls coming in, their door will always be open for anyone who needs guidance.

For information or help, you can call the Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation at (559) 222-8705 or find them on Facebook.
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