Hidden Adventures: Fresno County Fruit Trail

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Friday, July 23, 2021
Hidden Adventures: Fresno County Fruit Trail
This trail brings you a taste of everything the Valley has to offer. No hiking boots are needed and all skill levels are welcome.

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- From fruit orchards to vegetable fields, the Central Valley is best known as the bread basket of the world. Fresno County alone is home to nearly two million acres of farmland.

On this week's Hidden Adventure, we're taking you off the beaten path. This trail brings you a taste of everything the Valley has to offer. No hiking boots needed and all skill levels are welcome.

We're touring the Fresno County Fruit Trail.

Sweet Girl Farms:

In Reedley, Sweet Girl Farms lives up to its name. Farmer and stand operator, Liset Garcia, runs the newest stop on the Fresno County Farm Trail.

She has one of the largest followings and that's not because of her thriving social media presence.

Garcia says, "It's all about building a community. I feel like no one does that."

In addition to fresh produce like peaches, plums, tomato and onion, you can find fresh roasted peanuts, jams, honey and salsa.

"It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I can help people out and have them really indulge in the deliciousness that we produce," said Garcia.

The USC grad's business model pivoted during the pandemic, prompting her to start online orders that she continues to this day.

Wawona Peach Tree Fruit Stand:

If you're looking for a shaded area, with frozen treats to cool off, just visit the Wawona peach tree fruit stand.

"Lots of people will come by, I'll cut them open for the kids and they'll go sit over at the table over there," says McKenna Mueller.

The quaint store font has been a staple in the City of Clovis for seven decades. Boasting fresh and frozen fruit, the fan favorite is the peach jewel.

Mueller says, "It's a pastry with peach filling in it. Everybody loves them."

Blossom Trail Fruit Stand:

Just off Highway 180 in the town of Minkler, tourists from all over California stop at the Blossom Trail Fruit Stand.

Sandra Zanjas says, "We try to make it feel like a big family and make everyone feel comfortable here."

Vegetables, white peaches and nectarines sell throughout the summer but many wait until August for a taste of their best seller.

"We're best known for our premaghetti peaches," said Zanjas.

If you don't want to wait to enjoy your fruit to get home, your wish is their command at the "washing well."

Simonian Farms:

You can find 180 varieties of fruits, vegetables and nuts at Simonian farms, but that's certainly not all.

Co-Owner Bonnie Simonian says, "We try to make it not just a store but a total experience."

The family-run operation started with a pecan tree and blossomed from there. Five generations later, the renowned red barn boasts antiques, museum settings, gold mining and now food trucks on Friday nights.

Fresno County Fruit Trail:

Agri-tourism is the newest way Fresno County is showing the world where their food comes from, one trail visit at a time.

Fresno County Tourism Manager, Kristi Johnson says, "If there's ever an issue where farming is threatened, lack of water, funding needed to eradicate a certain pest, we have ambassadors now all over the state that understand the importance of agriculture."

While plenty of stops are open year-round, the fruit trail's peak season starts in April with strawberries and runs through the sweltering summer months.

Johnson says, "The hotter it is, the juicier the fruit, so bring it on, sun!"

For a list of all of the Fresno County Fruit Trail stops, visit their website.