Good Sports: The special trio for Fresno Pacific men's basketball

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Saturday, October 22, 2022
Good Sports: The special trio for Fresno Pacific men's basketball
This upcoming season at Fresno Pacific, a pair of players share a unique bond with their head coach.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For Fresno Pacific's redshirt senior Darrin Person Jr., the end of his college basketball road is near.

"I don't ever think you ever really recognize this is it with your college career," he said.

But the sunbird won't be on the road alone.

"It feels great to be with them -- it feels like a family reunion, so I love it," Person Jr. said.

His point guard, Nate Kendricks also happens to be his childhood friend and high school teammate at Immanuel High in reedley.

"I've known Nate for as long as I can remember," Person Jr. said.

"It's just full circle, man," Kendricks said.

Their head coach - also at the helm of their alma mater, where the trio helped lead the Eagles to four central section titles.

"As I get older in my career, there's something really sentimental about watching those guys go from boys to very much grown men," says CJ Haydock.

But while Kendricks has always been with the program, the same can't be said for Person, who spent 3 years at CSU Bakersfield before transferring.

"You're hitting the refresh on that transfer portal every couple hours, I hit a refresh and his name was on there," Haydock said.

For Person, it was an opportunity to come home.

For Kendricks, it was a relationship that goes beyond the court.

It's a reunion that coach Haydock says speaks volumes about the place the men call home.

"I think it speaks to the community aspect of the Valley and of Fresno," he said. "The thing that sports do is that they draw us together."

For now, Person and Kendricks are focused on what lies ahead.

"I want to go to the DII national championship," Person said.

"I want to go to the national tournament and then make a run there," Kendricks said.