Parking lots closed at all Fresno parks due to coronavirus outbreak

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno officials have announced the closure of parking lots at all city parks because of COVID-19 concerns.

However, while the parking is closed, the park space is open to the public.

"It is hard to stay in your house 24/7. You follow the CDC guidelines, maintain your social distancing, if you're sick, don't leave the house, just follow the guidelines and you have a great chance of being safe," says Fresno City councilmember Garry Bredefeld.

The closure comes after City officials say they noticed large crowds gathering at parks last weekend.

The latest change isn't stopping people from coming out to Woodward Park.

Some ignored social distancing, while others practiced it religiously.

Brian Rivera and his family are returning to the park after staying away for several weeks.

He's grateful he can still leave home and enjoy the outdoors.

"For me it is really important that at least once a week that we are getting out together, we are stretching our legs, we are getting some exercise and getting some fresh air," he says.

Woodward Park is in councilmember Bredefeld's districts.

He says overall he's seen less people. He also urges park goers to use common sense when looking for parking.

"When you are parking, be respectful of where you are parking, use the park as needed, and use the CDC guidelines to stay safe."
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