Non-profits scramble for last-minute donations ahead of Thanksgiving

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Nonprofits in Fresno are feeling the pinch this holiday season. They're in desperate need of donations to help make a hot Thanksgiving meal happen for all families.

Action News spoke with Zachary Darrah, the Chief Executive Officer for Poverello House, who says their turkey numbers are down this year.

"We're not sure what's going on you know we think that you know we've tried to get the word out," Darrah said. "We've tried to you know let people know that we're still collecting turkeys, but we just haven't seen them coming in..."
The Poverello House is looking to feed the less fortunate for their big Thanksgiving feast and distribute turkeys to other surrounding areas.

"We're seeing a slower trickle in ...of turkeys than we have in previous years..." Darrah said.

Still, he is holding strong to the hope they'll be able to collect one thousand more turkeys in time for Thanksgiving.

However, the giving season hasn't just been hard on the Poverello House. The Central California Food Banks says they start to feel the strain around this time of the year when their lines get packed with more kids on holiday break, and they don't have enough food to meet the demand.

"We really struggle this time of year lots of things get more expensive this time of year we don't have as much harvest," said Kym Dildine, the Chief Administrative Officer for Central California Food Bank.

And food isn't the only item of priority. The Fresno Rescue Mission says its agency has seen an influx in membership since September.

That paired with the cold weather has pushed the masses to his center, creating a greater need for blankets at his agency.

"We are going through all our cots, all of our mats...and we have people on the floor and so one of the difficulties...things we're doing is trying to meet that need," said Matthew Dildine, the Chief Executive Officer for Fresno Rescue Mission.

To find drop-off locations for food and other donation types, go to these websites:

Central California Food Bank:
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