Report: Fresno State's nursing program ranks top 25 in the country

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Fresno State's nursing program ranks top 25 in the country
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The students and faculty say there is a reason for it.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A national nursing shortage is the focus of a new bill aimed at supporting nurses around the country. You wouldn't know there's a shortage by the waiting list at Fresno State's nursing school.

Fresno State's program was listed in the top 25 out of 442 schools around the country by the website The site evaluated over 400 schools in five categories.

The program hails a simulated hospital room with robotic patients that have different ailments in order to test students. The robots can breathe, they've got a pulse and students can monitor internal bodily functions. It's one of the many unique aspects incorporated into the program, which, if you ask the students- is one of the many qualities that set the school apart.

Brogan Hernandez said, "Honestly I think it's the teachers. They want you to succeed... they're gonna keep in your face, make sure you make it to the next level".

She says her many childhood illnesses made her career choice obvious. "That's when I decided that I wanted to be that nurturing person, the one to get them out of bed and see the progress".

Director and chair of the School of Nursing Dr.Griffin-Myers said she's thrilled about the ranking, but then again, she already knows her program excels. "The school has been here for a while, has served the community well and is known throughout the nation, faculty from all parts of the country."

She also says there's a nursing shortage which is often linked to a shortage of qualified faculty to teach young students. Fresno State's waiting list is over a 150 deep and the pre-nursing program is equally packed. But she says, those who do get in, graduate and go right back into the community that raised them, which Griffin-Myers says helps rank this program high on that national list.

The bill to address the nationwide shortage of nurses is said to improve patient care and support America's nurses, and was just introduced by Senator Boxer.