Fresno kids keeping busy with fun summer activities

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- School may be over, but summer camps are in full swing.

Some baseball players are getting lessons on the field as a part of Fresno Pacific University's summer camp.

"It's a nice way to reach out to the community, it opens up our facilities to people," Wayne Steffen at FPU said. "It gets kids away from video games and TV for awhile and helps builds some skills and relationships."

FPU will be hosting several athletic camps this summer.

Parents say it's great to have their kids active during the lazy days of summer.

"They're excited," parent Peter Phe exclaimed. "They want to do some vacation first, but this her vacation here."

In addition to athletics, they'll also host music, theater camps and the cost ranges from $100 to $200

Fresno County libraries are also a place for entertainment this summer. There was a kick-off event at Betty Rodriguez Library on Monday that brought out families across the area.

"We just wanted something to do with our summer and saw that there was this activity going on so and we love to read so we are here," parent Sharlene Tringali said.

Library officials want kids to keep up on their reading and will offer summer reading challenge at all 37 branches.

Starting next week, there will be different activities at all libraries.

"Magic shows, we have a Zumba class for kids, we have great teen programs, coding and web design classes for teens," Krista Riggs with the library said. "We have board game and gaming programs and a lot of great programs for adults."

The programs are all free inside the air-conditioned libraries. Select libraries will also offer free lunch as well.
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