Have gas prices hit their peak? What experts say as prices trend downward

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Good news for those hitting the road for spring break--gas prices have fallen in the last week.

The national average price is $4.10. According to GasBuddy, gas prices in the Fresno area have dropped to an average of $5.47 a gallon.

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Those prices in Fresno are almost three cents lower than just a month ago but still higher than what we saw a year ago.

According to a petroleum analyst with GasBuddy, it is possible gas prices have hit their 2022 peak.

But this could change depending on the Russian war on Ukraine, the economy, hurricane season, and COVID-19.

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However, it appears that prices are on a downward trend.

Some of the cheapest stations in Fresno are offering fuel for $4.89 a gallon, while the most expensive gas in the area is priced at $6 a gallon.

The lowest price in California is $4.59, and the highest is $7.19.

Experts predict that the national average price for gas will drop back to the three-dollar range as early as this week. It's unclear if prices in California will get that low.

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At the pump, you'll see the state and federal taxes listed. But the reason why we are paying more in California is what you won't see on your receipt.

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