California gas average continues to surge

The cost of filling up continues to rise week to week with no sign of relief in sight.

According to the latest numbers by AAA, both the Merced and Visalia areas have hit around $6.40 per gallon on average. Fresno isn't far behind at $6.36.

Fresno driver Juanita Reed says the rising cost to get around is forcing her to stay in the Valley this summer.

"It depends on what it is. Like I wouldn't travel to LA? I wouldn't travel to places like that if my funds ain't there," she said.

It's a measure many drivers are resorting to as California's average price per gallon gets closer to $6.50.

I'ana Walker is resorting to turning in bottles and cans for cash to make up for the price hikes. She's avoiding any unnecessary driving.

"I don't have the income, so I just sit at home most of the time until my girls have to go somewhere," she said. "Other than that, I am at home."

AAA says they are seeing more calls from stranded members who let their tanks run empty

"Your instinct might be to avoid high costs by pushing that empty tank as long as you can," said John Treanor, spokesperson for AAA. "But that could do real damage to their fuel pump. You need fuel in the fuel pump to help it maintain its temperature to help it cool down."

A blown fuel pump could cost much more than a tank of gas.

Over the weekend, President Joe Biden is still pointing at Putin as the source of the problem.

"It's outrageous what the war in Ukraine is causing. We're trying very hard to make sure that we can we've significantly increased the number of barrels of oil that are being pumped out of the reserve," said Biden. "We have got 240,000 barrels as well, coming out, from other nations. We're going to keep pushing on it."
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