Gov. Newsom speaks about demonstrations across CA following death of George Floyd

The governor's address comes after days of protests following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Following days of protests throughout California over the death of George Floyd, Governor Gavin Newsom addressed the state from a church in Sacramento on Monday.

"You matter. I care and we care. You are right to feel wronged," Newsom said to the protesters. "You are right to feel the way you are feeling. We have a responsibility to show that we're willing and capable of doing more."

The governor's address comes days after communities marched together, including in downtown Fresno, calling for action after Floyd's death.

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In dozens of cities, mainly in Northern and Southern California, curfews were issued after violence erupted, and stores were looted.

Newsom condemned those who have "exploited this moment to spread violence and fear."

He said, "When you try to cause pain on others and not advance the cause of justice, that is not serving the greater good. We need to call that out."

Newsom added, "The looting, the violence, and the threats have no place in this state or in this nation."

The governor said the state is looking to engage more with communities to change its institutions and the systematic racism within them.

On Monday, State Superintendent Tony Thurmond also addressed the state about George Floyd's death, encouraging Californians to contact the State Department of Education about ways they can promote racial justice.

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"We better start listening. We better starting hearing people. We better starting owning up to our actions that led up to this moment," Gov. Newsom said.

The governor said a statewide curfew would not be set, and law enforcement officers from agencies across the state have been called to help cities keep the peace as protesters continue to demonstrate.

He said 1,100 National Guard members were deployed Monday to cities that have requested, in addition to the thousands of service members sent this weekend.

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