Grand opening of Fresno City College's Ram Pantry

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When the Fresno City College president began working for the school she noticed students on campus were hungry and in greater need of the Ram Food Pantry which was only coming to campus once a week.

FCC President, Carole Goldsmith said, "When I first came on campus I saw a couple hundred students wrapped around the cafeteria on a hot August day, so I said we really need to do something better, we're doing something good but we can do something better."

But now students can bulk up baskets of food once a day five days a week in the school's brand new, permanent Ram Pantry on campus, made to look like a supermarket.

Partnering with the food bank and other organizations, the school has been able to fill up the pantry with fresh foods and drinks, nourishing a need to fight hunger so students can focus on studies, rather than an empty stomach.

"These young men and women going here, they're going to be our future mayors, our future fire chiefs our future sheriffs and I say that because our mayor fire chief and sheriff all came to Fresno City College," Goldsmith said.

The school's president says they know many of their 35,000 students are fighting hunger, and are expecting 7 to 800 students a week, any of them can stock up snacks as long as they attend classes there and have a five-dollar student body card.

FCC student, Megan Patterson said, "It is actually a huge help, it's worth it to come here and wait in line and do this and I think its great the stuff they use they give coffee... I've gotten coffee, I've gotten snacks."

If you want to help Fresno City College keep their pantry full for students, you can find information on their website on how to donate food, resources or your time.
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