Parents buy classroom supplies to make home feel more like school for kids

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's back to school and that means for many, the classroom is now in your home.

Many families are transforming spaces to feel more like school.

At GW School Supply off Belmont and Clovis, parents and teachers are stocking up.

"This year with everything going on, we're seeing a lot decorations and materials in order to help the children establish a personal learning space at home," said BreAnna Trejo, an employee.

Mother of two Melinda Dodds is a special education teacher and is setting up a space for her own kids to learn at home.

"We're getting a multiplication poster for him. We've got the flash cards. For my first grader, we are still doing the alphabet and number lines, those sort of visual references she would normally see in a classroom setting," said Dodds.

She plans to work and have a tutor help her balance distance learning for her and her kids.

Clovis mom Jenny Hill redecorated her office to make it a space for learning after seeing her boys have challenges focusing at the kitchen table.

"I tried to make it feel like a classroom so they have an environment they come to learn and feel that they are safe. Not just that they are at home and can screw around and play, but they needed that structure. So maybe if I made it feel like a classroom they would put in the effort they do in a classroom," said Hill.

In addition to parents buying supplies, GW employees say they're also seeing teachers buy items so they have an engaging background and tools behind them while they teach through a computer.

Whether it's the kitchen table or a personal learning space, many are hoping kids will start the year off on a positive note - ready to learn, even during these uncertain times.

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