Health officials recommending you get your vaccine this flu season

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Alexis Sullivan, 17, of Fresno is not feeling well. The high school student knows flu season is here.

"I try to stay away from them as best as I can because I know it can spread fast it's like a virus," said Sullivan.

Dr. Yvonne Juarez says it's proving to be an early flu season and the virus is aggressive for both kids and adults.

"In our clinic, we've already seen influenza a and influenza b in our patient population and across the area for Fresno Kaiser we have tested among the adults as well 10 people have tested positive and five people have been hospitalized," said Dr. Juarez.

The hospital has set up flu clinics and has a flu tent for people to get their shots. Fresno resident Peggy Ferguson says she has had the flu before and does not want to take any chances.

"I have 13 grandchildren and I volunteer at a school so I need my flu shot," said Ferguson.

Experts say the flu typically can make you feel feverish and achy. Children tend to be fussy and have high fevers. Experts say you can also prevent the flu by being proactive now.

"One of the most important things is making sure that you and your children are resting and eating well, making sure that you practice good habits of keeping your hands clean and trying not to touch your face," said Dr. Juarez.

Dr. Juarez also says the vaccine does not prevent the infection but gives you a good immune system so the flu does not hit you as hard.

Experts say taking precautions whether it's getting a vaccine, washing your hands or just getting enough rest, all can help in the fight against flu. The season lasts until March.
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