Valley surgeons operate in HD, 3D

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- State-of-the-art surgery tool is giving Valley doctors a better way to operate. For the first time, they're seeing in HD, 3D.

Opening the box of state-of-the-art surgery tools is almost like a Christmas gift for doctors at Saint Agnes Medical Center in Northeast Fresno.

The Olympus HD-3D camera scope for laparoscopic surgery is so new, Dr. Elea Lawson has been using it for only a couple of weeks. But he says it's already light years ahead of other tools.

Dr. Eleazar Lawson added, "They've perfected a system that has two different optical channels and they're superimposed on the monitor so when you see it with the glasses, you get a 3D image."

In the video provided by Olympus, the HD 3D camera allows surgeons to see all angles, speeding up operating time, resulting in better outcomes for patients.

"It gives you depth perception when you're working so there's no more guesswork about the depth perception," said Dr. Lawson. "We're able to position the camera and flex the tip so we have a great deal of flexibility to look in angles that weren't available before."

The camera and laparoscopic technique are ideal for procedures such as gall bladder surgery and hernia repair, in which only a small incision is needed for the tools. The monitors in the OR display what the camera sees, and much like a 3D movie screen, it's not in focus until 3D glasses are worn.

The 3D camera scope is so revolutionary for laparoscopic surgery, doctors say this technology will soon become the standard. So with 3D now in the operating room, 2D surgery is so last week.

Dr. Lawson said, "It's so fantastic and once you've used it, it's really hard to go back."

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