Workout Wednesday: Weight Training to Help Burn Body Fat

When it comes to burning fat, you have other options instead of just a cardio-vascular workout.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shows us how weight training can also do the job in your Workout Wednesday.

A big misconception is that a cardio workout is the only way to lose fat. Weight training can also get the job done.

With weight training, you get lean muscle, tighter skin and a toned body.

The best way to burn body fat while using weights is to shorten up your breaks or use transitional exercises like a shoulder role. This will keep your heart rate up, and you will continue burning calories.

You can use big muscle groups to keep the heart rate pumping and burn body fat. You want to use higher reps with less weight to get your heart rate going. I like to use squats with an upper-body curl to get the body going.

Try a variety of exercises to keep the heart rate up. Using a variety of fitness components can make fat burning work. You just have to be consistent.
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