High powered weapons in mass quantities sold out of Fresno home, federal agents say

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For months, undercover agents bought firearms from him to build their case. (KFSN)

Federal agents are not sure how long James Bowen was selling guns out of his home. For months, undercover agents bought firearms from him to build their case before they served a warrant and arrested the 39-year-old.

A total of 221 guns were found, from rifles to shotguns and pistols. Some had extras and were illegal in California.

Federal agents say Bowen was not picky about who he sold weapons to and he had a blue book type price guideline as a reference.

"We're not saying that Mr. Bowen is the worst criminal in the history of the world but once these guns go out the back door, to anybody willing to pay the price for them- you don't know where they are going to wind up and it's very much cause and effect," said U.S. Attorney Scott McGregor.

Bowen is not a gang member but he was convicted of transporting methamphetamine twenty years ago. This felony means he is not allowed to have any guns in his possession.

There are many questions that agents are working to answer. For example, how he got the money to buy all these weapons. Investigators are also trying to track down where he got them.

"There's any number of ways this can happen. There's no one single mechanism," said McGregor.

Officers who searched his home also found ballistic vests, firearms manufacturing equipment, and accessories that appear to be silencers.

Fresno Police leaders say stripping guns from gang members and criminals remains a priority after a dramatic increase in shootings and homicides in the past year.

"I'm confident because of this seizure that our neighborhoods are going to be safer," said Fresno Police Deputy Chief Pat Farmer.

The paper trail is already long. Agents are trying to figure out who each gun was registered to. The value of the weapons is several hundred thousand dollars, despite this detectives did not find any money during their search.
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