Despite wet winter, Fresno is monitoring conditions to determine outdoor watering regulations

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The month of February has rainfall totals in the Central Valley above normal.

The snowpack in the Sierra is at extremely high levels.

Still, Fresno is looking at what watering restrictions will be in place for this spring and summer. It is something the city has done for decades.

"We have had watering restrictions here in the City of Fresno virtually before any other city in California. We started back in the mid-90s and we have been very consistent," said Mark Standriff, City of Fresno.

Fresno is at a Stage Two Water Use Regulation.

That means, people can water outdoors one day a week in the winter and fall, two days in spring, and three days in summer.

That can change depending on the amount of water available.

In March the Fresno Council will decide whether to continue the same pattern between April and October of this year.

The council is waiting for the completion of a pilot study from the University of Chicago on water use in Fresno from last summer.

"Not just about the days and times when people can water but what a threshold would be if people get notifications that they have violated water restrictions," said Standriff.

The city of Clovis made restrictions on outdoor watering during the drought back in 2014 but made adjustments a few years ago.

"We went down to two days a week watering until 2016. That water year was better we have not reduced restrictions to allow three days a week watering," said Clovis Public Utilities Director, Scott Redelfs.

He said the city of Clovis has enough water available to allow for three days a week landscape watering.

Until March 31st, Fresno and Clovis will remain on one day a week watering schedules.
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