Vegan BBQ Place Stuns Texans with Deliciousness

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Friday, March 13, 2020
Check out this Vegan Texas BBQ spot!
Houston Sauce Pit has been serving vegan BBQ in Texas since January 2020.

It smells like BBQ. It looks like BBQ. Does it taste like BBQ?

We're talking about 100% vegan BBQ from Houston Sauce Pit, a food truck that started in January 2020!

Believe it or not, the customers we spoke with said you can't taste a difference! Menu items include a beef substitute made from a soy protein, a sausage substitute made from a pea protein and your traditional sides like potato salad, beans, pickles, and onions. Check out this edition of "Bite-Size" to see why vegan BBQ is making waves in Texas!

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