Prop 11: On-duty breaks for ambulance crews

California voters will be deciding Tuesday whether ambulance providers should require workers to remain on-call during paid breaks.

A "YES" vote allows ambulance service providers to require their employees to remain "on call" while taking breaks. Employees would be paid at their regular pay rate during their breaks.

Backers say it could potentially reduce ambulance response times to life-threatening emergencies, by allowing crews to be routed to a nearby call, even if they are "on break."

A 'NO' vote on this measure means, private ambulance companies would be subject to labor laws for this industry. These laws would likely require ambulance companies to provide EMTs and paramedics with an off-duty meal and rest breaks that cannot be interrupted by a 911 call.

Some of the major backers of Proposition 11 include American Medical Response (AMR) (A Major Private Ambulance operator, contracts with several cities & counties statewide), Californians for Emergency Preparedness & Safety.*

A major opponent includes the California Teachers Association.
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