Scam artists using iCloud accounts to scare customers out of cash

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The phone call can have a jarring effect on people. The robocall says you can also call a number if your account has been breached. Don't do it.

"In reality, they're contacting someone in India that is claiming to be from Apple Care and they're claiming to help you go through the entire process of fixing your phone but really they're in on the scam," said Better Business Bureau Kayleena Speakman.

She says criminals are hoping people on the go will quickly give up personal information through their phone.

"Your iCloud stores a ton of personal information so if they get into what they're getting into whatever you have stored on it," said Speakman.

They know how to tailor this scam to a specific group of people so we just say be on high alert as much as possible.

Other variations of this scam involve emails and popup ads which ask you to click on a link or to call a number to correct problems with your account.

"We just tell people if you get that, take a step back. Be calm. Don't click on it and figure out a way to change all your passwords without going the route they want you to do," said Speakman.

She has also noticed a lot more spoofed calls have been going out to consumers. The phishing attempts are made to look like the calls coming in are local.
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