'My Big Fun Indian Wedding;' Jankhana Desai plans about 60 extravagant weddings each year

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Indian wedding planner as 60 extravagant weddings each year
Many Indian weddings last days, involve outrageous décor, and guest lists can top 500.

CHICAGO -- Through the lens of an Indian wedding planner, a newly married couple and a couple who enjoy a 32-year arranged marriage, it's possible to see the importance of family and tradition that are all part of Indian lifestyle, with some parents saving for their child's wedding the minute they're born.

Weddings are always beautiful affairs, but Indian weddings are in a category all their own - spectacular!

These three-day events radiate with colorful outfits, dancing, music and beautiful traditions.

Jankhana Desai plans about 60 Indian weddings each year and notes, "there's a lot of excitement, there's a lot of drama, there's a lot of activities."

She goes on to explain, "the decor is outrageous, the food is outrageous, the guest list is often over 500."

Newlyweds Goutham and Poonam described several of the rich traditions.

The henna day for the bride means carving out hours of time for the elaborate henna scrolling on the hands, arms and legs.

The Sangeet is described by Goutham as a "no holds-barred, non-religious party" with guests on their feet dancing and enjoying the food.

And the Baraat is the groom's presentation, where he arrives to the wedding ceremony in anything from a horse to a fire truck.

For Goutham's baraat, he rode in a Lamborghini convertible as friends and relatives and even strangers cheered and danced on the streets of Chicago.

Indian weddings boast expanded guest lists, where it seems every friend and family member is welcome.

Poonam explained with a laugh, "We really wanted an intimate wedding with 350 people."

That's considered small in relation to most weddings.

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