Healers for hire

Lindsay Bilezikian counts on sessions with a healer to help her find her focus again.
"I'm always on my phone. I don't take note of these present moments very often. And it's really wonderful to come to a ceremony where I'm fully present to experience gratitude, to put the phone down and to tap into my inner self," says Lindsay.

The healer she turns to Deborah Hanekamp. Deborah is a shaman of sorts. What's that? She explains, "It's used to describe anyone who basically travels between our physical reality and, kind of, what would be described as a dreaming reality, in order to help people find balance and integration and healing."

She hosts sessions around the country where she says she reads the attendee's aura, then, using sage, crystals and singing bowls, tries to transform those looking for her help. "The whole purpose and focus are to find balance. And then, usually there's some healing work involved or like an energetic healing session working to help balance that energy body or the aura," Deborah explains.

Events like this are becoming more mainstream. They're even offered in spas. Or, you can hire a healer for an individual visit. They say they can help clear your mind's clutter in many different ways.

"Maybe for some, it's cleaning out their closet or their home or their inbox, even," says Deborah.

In today's busy and distracted world, Deborah explains these sessions are attracting people from all walks of life, looking for a better way, elaborating, "People in finance and lawyers, doctors, a lot of people in the fashion, entertainment industry come."

There is a Foundation for Shamanic Studies, but no required certification or governing body.
Deborah explains, "That word shaman is very loosely determined right now."

Though research is limited, spiritual therapies are studied as complementary medicine. Some people seek relief for insomnia, migraines, joint pain, and other physical conditions.
We reached out to the American Medical Association to ask about their position on healers for hire and were told they have no standing policy on the topic.

Lindsay says her sessions have made a priceless impact on her world, saying, "It's really amplified my life in such a beautiful way."
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