Joaquin Arambula trial: Brother-in-law takes stand, calls him 'phenomenal father'

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The trial against Assemblyman Doctor Joaquin Arambula resumed on Friday.

It was the defense's turn to try and prove that the father of three is innocent of child abuse charges.

Day 6 saw a number of character witnesses take the stand on his behalf.

First up was his wife's brother and Fresno attorney Nate Miller who called the Assemblyman mild-mannered and a model parent.

"He's a phenomenal father. I think the way he acts with all his children is the gold standard of parenting. Sometimes I'd like to think I model myself after him. He's extremely calm," Miller said.

Arambula is fighting a misdemeanor child abuse allegation after school administrators discovered a bruise on the side of his 7-year-old daughter's head last December.

Miller gave a possible explanation for the marking, telling the jury that his young son and victim collided into each other while roughhousing the night before administrators called CPS.

"He was crying and she was crying. She was holding her face and I can't remember which side," Miller said.

Miller was clear and concise when defense attorney Michael Aed questioned him on what he's witnessed from Arambula over the years.

"Have you ever seen Joaquin squeeze his daughter?"


"Have you ever seen Joaquin elbow his daughter?"

"Never...I've never seen Joaquin physically violent toward any of his kids. Not just any of his kids - any of his brothers-in-law, his wife... no one. He is the most mild-mannered guy I've ever met in my entire life."

The child abuse trial is expected to wrap up sometime next week, with the defense set to put Dr. Arambula on the stand before they conclude testimony.
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