Dine and Dish: Kerman Country Cafe

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Friday, January 5, 2024
Dine and Dish: Kerman Country Cafe
Sometimes, the smaller cities in the Valley surprisingly offer the biggest variety when it comes to food.

KERMAN, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sometimes, the smaller cities in the Valley surprisingly offer the biggest variety when it comes to food.

At the Kerman Country Cafe along Madera Avenue near E Street, you can go big with a bone-in ham and eggs plate with hash browns and pancakes.

"That is like the biggest slab of ham that I've seen on a plate for breakfast. That one, in fact, is bigger than a pound. It's 18 ounces," said Nick Bonilla, the manager.

Bonilla worked 20 years in the restaurant industry before his family opened their own place in 2023.

"We have large portions. We want to make sure everyone who comes and dine in, they don't go home hungry, so that's our goal," explained Bonilla.

"Real important for out here. When this place came in, no more going to Fresno," said Dale Self, a customer.

"Here we have country breakfast. It has bacon, sausage and ham," Bonilla said.

"It comes with either pancakes or biscuits."

The dishes kept getting bigger.

"That's a country burger. It's one pound of meat, so we order special bread for it," said Bonilla.

"We do have a lot of customers who order it with a double patty. No way. Two pounds."

Some people come for the country chicken club sandwich.

"So, triple-decker chicken sandwich with the bacon, cheese, avocado and tomatoes," said Bonilla.

This small diner packs a big punch when it comes to variety.

"Potato skins and then we have breaded zucchini, onion rings, you got mozzarella sticks, then we've got chicken rolls, then we've got the chicken wings."

We were surprised you can also have some tender ribs here.

"It's a half a rack, and you have an option for tri-tip or a full rack as well," said Bonilla.

"That's like fall off the bone. yeah."

This was my first visit, but you can find that other Dale here 4-5 times a week.

"The hamburgers, their breakfast, their dinners, their vegetables, It's all good," said Self.

Dessert included a large chocolate cake and banana bread pudding.

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