Temple Student Kunti Patel launches eyebrow business to give back to charity

ByAshley Johnson Localish logo
Friday, November 12, 2021
Temple student threads eyebrows on campus for a good cause
She's raised more than $700 dollars in tips with donations going to The Coalition Against Trafficking In Women, Feeding India and Doctors Without Borders, among others.

PHILADELPHIA -- Temple University Senior Kunti Patel is quite the entrepreneur, but her true selling point is her big heart.

Patel created Brows By Kunti her freshman year. She threads eyebrows on campus for a student discount. But the pandemic inspired her to change her business model and also give back to charity.

"My mom instilled in me and said what are you doing to give back, what is your contribution to society," Patel said.

The marketing major found her perfect solution in her business. She learned how to thread as a child growing up in India. She said she learned from the best of the best.

"I love the reaction. I love the before and after," Patel said.

Brows By Kunti allows her to give back in more ways than one. During the pandemic Patel committed to threading brows at least one day a week for free and then using her money from tips to go towards various charities.

"I wasn't in the position where I could give my money, so I had the time. So I said let me donate my time," she said.

Both Patel and her clients say it's a win-win. She enjoys paying it forward, and many are even more compelled to support her business knowing that it's going to a good cause.

The husband-wife duo serves up an array of cheesecakes and pie flavors, with 22 cents from each sale going to benefit a veteran's fund.

"She's genuinely trying to build a connection with the person that she's seeing and the community that surrounds her," new client Shavani Shah said. "It speaks to her character and she's just a senior in college."

Patel recently started to volunteer at least once a month given she also wants to focus her time on graduating. She's raised more than $700 dollars in tips so far, which she has donated to several charities. Patel has helped organizations that speak to her heart including The Coalition Against Trafficking In Women, Feeding India and Doctors Without Borders.

While she said she would like to pursue a marketing position with a corporation, she said she will always continue Brows By Kunti. She encourages people to reach out to her on Instagram @BrowsByKunti.