Valley still sees high demand for boats, RVs

Lending Tree research shows interest in buying a boat in California increased by nearly 150% last year.
VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- After being cooped up for a year because of COVID-19, Omar and Lisa Vallejo couldn't wait to jump in their RV and spend some time at Lake Success.

They've been there for a couple of weeks.

More family members will join them for Memorial Day Weekend.

"Wherever you park the RV it's like home, like parking at home," Omar said. "We got everything in there that we need."

The idea of having a home on the road appealed to more Americans in 2020.

According to Lending Tree, "RVs became a popular way to limit exposure to COVID-19 while enjoying the outdoors from a comfortable, self-contained cabin."

Sales have been consistently strong at Magic Touch RV in Tulare over the last year.

Devin Miller says December, a traditionally slow period, was one of their busiest months.

"So you got a lot of millennials buying now, you've got a lot of small families that are trying to get out and do stuff and enjoy it," Magic Touch's Devin Miller said. "Believe it or not we've had a lot of teachers that come out-they're just hitting the road, they're doing their work from their laptop."

It's been a good year for business at Magic Touch.

But Miller says RV dealers simply don't have the supply to match the high demand.

"It would be a lot better year if we had the inventory," he said. "So if supply could keep up with demand, I'd be singing a way different tune."

Lending Tree research shows interest in buying a boat in California increased by nearly 150% last year.

Around this time last year, Hans' Boat Works in Visalia sold all of their inventory within 60 days.

Sales are steadier now, but demand remains high.

"We had four boats that came in that were all used, sold all four of them within six days and they were all in the $180-200,000 range," Steiner said. "People are still buying and we send them everywhere. We've sent boats to Alaska, we've sent a boat to Montana this week, Las Vegas this morning."

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