Chicago Celebrates Paczki Day!

Paczki are deep-fried pieces of dough similar to a doughnut, but don't get the two confused. Paczki are totally different, as they are filled with sweetness and stuffed with fruit chunks.

The Polish community celebrates Paczki Day on the Thursday before Lent, or Tusty Czwartek. Chicagoans get their fill of paczki on Fat Tuesday, just before Mardi Gras.

Oak Mill bakers say the day before the Polish celebration, everyone works overnight to and they expect to sell anywhere between 40,000-50,000 Paczki before Lent.

Traditional flavors are usually rose, plum, raspberry and custard, but the tasty treat isn't limited to just those. Oak Mill Bakery also has red velvet, black currant, caramel and Nutella.

You can find the family-owned shop in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood.