Made in the Valley - U.S. Rack

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Madera company is helping truck owners carry their loads for work or play.

Owner Chris Green started the company in 1999 when he ran into a problem.

"I thought somebody ought to develop a rack that can be put on and taken off in a short period of time, and can be stored and requires no drilling," said Chris Green, U.S. Rack Owner

So Green came up with a solution. He invented speciality racks which are made for workers hauling construction supplies or for outdoor enthusiasts transporting canoes and kayaks. He moved from the Bay Area to the Madera to start his small business.

"We came over here and found a good willing workforce and found some great people to work to with here in Madera. We had the opportunity to build this building and... build it from the ground up." said Green.

U.S. Rack has about a dozen employees, many who do the work by hand. The company manufactures between a 1,000 and 1,500 truck racks a year. Green says the racks stay on without drills thanks to special clamps. The business makes a variety of racks that retail anywhere from about $300 dollars to $3,000. About 80 percent of sales are done through the internet.

While it's intricate work, Green says he's happy to see his idea out on the road.

"When I look and see it's a U.S. Rack product, it makes me feel very good," said Green.

U.S. Rack website
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