Marjaree Mason Center has its own Girl Scout troop selling cookies

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- You can take action to support the Marjaree Mason Center, all while enjoying a tasty treat.

The center's very own Girl Scout troop is selling cookies.

Girl Scout member Mariah Martinez didn't hesitate when asked what the hottest cookie on the market is this year.

"I highly recommend it, it's very delicious," said Martinez when describing her favorites cookie - Adventurefuls. "It's brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored cream and a hint of sea salt."

She credits the Marjaree Mason Center Girl Scout troop with teaching her everything, from entrepreneur skills to money management.

"How to separate money and how to give them change back," explained Martinez.

The group of girls share a special bond.

"All the girls have been at the Marjaree Mason Center and that's what makes it kind of special for them," said MMC Children Service Program Manager Karmen Motley. "They have their own troop. It's something for them to learn about leadership and entrepreneurship skills."

Started in the fall of 2020, the troop is committed to giving these girls an opportunity to learn and grow together. Funds raised from cookies support the troop, but that's not all.

"Not only that, we decided as a troop how we want to use those funds to give back to our community," explained Motley. "This year our troop decided they want to give back to the SPCA."

You can support Mariah and her fellow troop members by ordering cookies from the MMC Girl Scout troop through March 23rd. The cookies will be shipped right to your door. Here's the link to order!

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