Merced woman arrested after toddler eats meth

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Merced mother has been arrested after her 14-month-old child was rushed to the hospital for eating meth.

Merced Police say they responded to a home at Reines Street and Mandeville Lane after they received a 9-1-1 call from Jacklyne Buehner, 34, who said that her daughter was not responsive.

Detectives say Buehner wouldn't cooperate while they interviewed her, and wouldn't tell them how the child got the drugs. "Subsequent to that interview we did serve a search warrant at her residence at the residence we did locate some meth, drug paraphaniela, and other items of narcotic use and sales," said Merced Police Sgt. Ray Alvarez.

In addition to the drugs, Merced Police also found more kids at the home.

"There were two other children at the residence. Those children have been turned over to child protective services."

Doctors checked out the two other kids and found that they did not ingest any of the drugs.

Police are still hoping to talk to witnesses to figure out exactly how the infant was able to get the drugs.

"It's a difficult situation all around to deal with, both for the parents and kids, but at the end, it's the children that are suffering."

Buehner bailed out of jail on Monday and is due in court in April to face child endangerment charges.
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